Prestige Music Academy

Back to School Brush-Up

Has your instrument been collecting cobwebs over the summer?  Be sure to check back in with us before school starts to brush up on your skills.   Band and choir auditions usually take place in the first month of school.  If you’ve been eyeing that first chair seat or a featured solo, you’ll need some extra practice.  Our talented instructors are here to help!   Once school begins, time slots go quickly.  Contact us as soon as possible for a regular lesson slot.

Summer Music Tips

Have you or your child been playing and practicing regularly through the school year?  If so, fabulous!  Don’t let all those great skills deteriorate over the summer.  Even if you are going out of town this summer, it is important to keep practicing and keep up with your music lessons.  We can be flexible and work with you for scheduling during the summer months.  Let us know your schedule, and we’ll find time to fit in lessons while you’re in town.

¡Cha Cha Cha!

Admit it. When you eat at a Mexican food restaurant and hear a live mariachi band, your little heart skips a beat. They are fun. They are entertaining. They are loud. They are cool. I have no idea what they are singing about, but I want them to keep the hits a comin’. Prestige is proud to offer the first and only Mariachi School in Arizona! We offer an intensive class giving instruction in not only the music of the mariachi band, but the cultural significance and thorough history behind it.  Taught by professional musicians with many years of mariachi experience who are eager to keep this important part of the culture alive and well for yet another eager generation. Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Violin and Vocals included in the instruction. Our last session was completely sold out in a matter of days.  Contact us to get on the waiting list for our next session.

You know you're jealous. It's OK. So are we.