Prestige Music Academy


Megan stuns the listeners...

Is it normal that I feel so amazingly proud of the students at PMA on such an individual basis?  I am not their teacher, but when I see them perform I somehow want to take credit in some way for their accomplishment.  I feel so proud.  This is Megan.  Last fall she gave a private recital in her home of the entire Suzuki Book 3 for violin.  I was honored to be invited. She did such a wonderful job and I can only imagine how proud her parents and siblings are of her accomplishments. Violin is a very challenging instrument and she just keeps plugging away.  Each time I hear her play it is more amazing. What a gift.  I love this feeling and to think I get to do this all year long.  Thank you for inviting me, Megan.  This is why I do what I do.