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A Day in Music History

April 1976 Bruce Springsteen climbed the wall of Graceland to meet Elvis Presley.  Elvis wasn’t home.

Price Wars on Music: MP3s for CHEAP!

For years, iTunes has dominated the market for music downloads, but Amazon has dealt what could be a lethal blow to Apple.  You can now get MP3s from Amazon for the price of just .69 each, almost half the $1.29 iTunes charges.  It is quite possible the price is so low it cannot be beat by Apple.  Time will tell.  In the event that this winds up being short-term, snatch up those songs you’ve been wanting.  This is guilt-free paradise for those of you with ever increasing iPod capabilities.  Merry Christmas in April!

Music Hunter

We Are Hunted has introduced a new iPad app for music discovery called Music Hunter.  The app selects recommended songs based on the information you provide.  What makes this different than Pandora?  You tell Music Hunter what genre you want and the mood you are in.  It will take over from there.  You can stream samples and there is a convenient one-click purchase from iTunes if you want to purchase the song recommended.  An app based on one’s feelings?  This must be the ultimate chick app!